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Deane Goltermann


Nåntuna backe 43
75759 Uppsala


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Deane Goltermann

25 years translating after moving here to Sweden 30 years ago. I had completed my law degree in Chicago before marrying and starting our family. At the rate of 300,ooo to 400,000 words a year, I've translated many books worth of interesting and enlightening topics from technical descriptions for the Ringhals 1 Nuclear power plant to environmental and agricultural reports and documents, to business communications of all kinds including annual reports and tender documents. It all started with translating nearly 2 million words for a Swedish developed Enterprise resource planning system (ERP) that is now used worldwide. This provides a broad base to stand on in working with a variety of topics, ideas, and subject matter. Among the most enjoyable work I’ve done is the novel The light shall come from the north that took me from everyday homelife here in Sweden to an in-depth exploration of Norse mythology – and back.

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